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Agriculture Division

  • Promotion of special projects for agro productions
  • ‍Promotion of local food crop cultivation
  • Coordination of small scale plantation crop cultivators through line institutions
  • Asweddumization of paddy field left fallow.
  • Home gardening Development Project.
  • Post harvest technology and processing projects.

Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Programme

  • Milk Cow Programme
  • Erection of cattle sheds
  • Establishment of bio gas units and processing of bio gas units
  • Goat keeping projects
  • Pig keeping projects
  • Poultry Keeping Projects
  • Minor Fishing Year Projects
  • Making tanks for ornamental fish
  • By products of milk
  • Dryfish, Jaadi and maldive fish projects
  • Milk sales and Milk Collection projects

Industrial Development Division

  • Development of small scale industrial projects.
  • Development of mining villages
  • Development of Model industrial villages

Sales and Service Division

  • Promotion of Samurdhi Domestic sales Outlets
  • Promotion of Rice Sales
  • Promotion of Mobile Trading
  • Promotion of Saloons
  • Promotion of restaurant / catering services
  • Promotion of Servicing vehicles
  • Promotion of Beauty Therapy
  • Promotion of Domestic Services
  • Promotion of Child Care Centers
  • Promotion of Communication Centers

Banking and Financial Division

  • Providing Loan Facilities
  • Promotion of Savings

Maha Sangam Division

  • Organization of training courses for livelihood Development
  • Compilation of Project Reports
  • Coordination of Support Services
  • Maintenance of Data system

Social Development Division

  • “Diriya Piyasa” housing programme
  • Model Villages Programme.න
  • Programs on children and child care.
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