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Samurdhi Bank Societies


Bank’ Financial Activities Division

" Samurdhi Bank Programme has been launched with the expectation of improving saving habits of law income recipients, generating their capital needs and creating a profitable financial institutional pattern by minimizing irregular loan transactions.

Samurdhi Bank Societies Programme

“The foremost institution in the micro financial field in Sri Lanka is the Samurdhi Bank network.

Establishment Established and maintained at the level of Divisional Secretariats on the basis of the number of Grama Niladhari divisions.
Branch Network
There were 1042 branches by the end of 2009. (exclusive of Mulathivu and Kilinochchi Districts )
Membership - A share of Rs. 500/- should be purchased and it need not be paid at once. Meant for Samurdhi recipients and low income recipients.

Membership Position as on 31.12.2009

Female 1,691,112 65.34%
Males 896.947 35.66%
Total 2,588,059 100%
Share Capital Rs.m.4212

1. Types of Deposits

Type of deposit Interest rate %
Members’ shares 5%
Members’ deposits
Group deposits 5%
Diriya Maatha
“Kekulu” children’s accounts 7%
“Sisuraka” deposits 7%
Non member 5%
Compulsory savings 8.5%

Amount of deposit - As on 31.12.2009

Number of first deposit Accounts - 5,167,854
Amount of first deposit
- Rs. 13,537m

2. Loan Programme.

  • A micro financing loan scheme,
  • Based on entrepreneurial ability for alleviating poverty,
  • Implemented for Samurdhi recipients and low income recipientsකි.
Type of loan Rate of interest %
Self employment 12%
Cultivation 12%
Distress 12%
Consumer 12%
Housing 12%
“Mihijaya” 8%

Amount of Loan Issued - As on 31.12.2009ට

Number of loans released - 3,721,662
Amount of loan released - Rs. - 48,353 m
Maximum loan limit - Rs. 100,000/=

3. Vital information

  • Compulsory Savings Process
    It has been made compulsory for low income recipients to save monthly any amount out of the Samurdhi relief in order to familiarize them in the habit of saving money.
  • Bank Societies, invest their excess money in state banks only and therefore money is always safe.
  • Our share in the Bank money market
    Loan demand - 50%
    Collection of savings - 38%
  • Ours is the lowest interest for loan.
  • 790 of all Bank Societies (76%) have become self-sufficient financially.
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