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Any low income person can become a member of Samurshi banking society and it is open for non Samurdhi beneficiaries as well

  • You can join the five member small group after discussing with the Samurdhi Development Officer of your GN division
  • With your fellow members of small group you can obtain the membership of village Samurdhi office
  • Meet the bank manager of Samursgi bank Society with the filled application collected from Samurdhi Development Officer
  • With the guidance of Manager all of you have to open bank accounts
  • Open a separate group account for your group

You as a member of the Samurddhi bank are entitled to following benefits

  • Higher interest rate for member deposits
  • Bank loans without guarantees in low loan interest rates
  • Facilities to pay loan installments and bank deposit while stay at home
  • Maximum government security for your deposits
  • Plannning and technical support for income generation projects
  • Market for products

  • Your member account has two parts , namely general savings and share capital/ financial account
  • At least one share of Rs. 500 to be paid in fully to open an account
  • This share amount need not to be paid at once
  • Loans upto 10 times of the completed share value can be applied for.
  • And it is necessary to available the bank balance of 25% or more of the applied loan amount at your group account
  • Group members can be guarantors of each other whereas it is sufficient to have each member has complete the share deposits and the group account prevails a balance amount equal or more than the 25% of the amount of loan requested.
  • You will receive the loan upon the bank manager submitted the application to Samurdhi bank Control Board and obtain their approval
  • The maximum loan amount that can be obtained as a self employment loan or cultivation loan is Rs 5,000/=
  • Installments and interest of your loan can be paid through Samurdhi Development Officer of your division
  • You can have your life and property covered by paying small insurance installment of’ Group insurance Fund, before obtain the loan

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